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Welcome to Kathy Williams Designs, handcrafted Crystal and Gemstone jewelry with a look of casual elegance – classic with a modern twist. Browse her affordable necklaces, earrings and bracelets, inspired by Mother Nature herself with the Healing Qualities of our earth energy.

Crystals have been used and revered since the dawn of civilization. Historical documents site crystals being utilized for decorative, spiritual and holistic properties. Monarchs, Queens, and Royal figures were always adorned with gemstones and crystals for protection and wisdom. Cleopatra herself has influenced fashion and culture for centuries for her timeless selection of precious stones.

You will love Kathy Williams spiritual jewelry, reminding us all to seek out the beauty and tranquility in the world and within ourselves. Even the stones – Amethyst, Garnet, Smokey Quartz, Rose Quartz, Moonstone and Labradorite to name just a few – have wonderful healing qualities to share.

Bestselling necklaces and bracelets like Kathy Williams Signature Long Swarovski Polygon Drop, and set of 3 Semi-precious stone bracelets with a Pave Crystal ball and Gold beads, are a perfect addition to your Jewelry Box!

Kathy Williams Crystal and Gemstone jewelry is handcrafted in her West Palm Beach Studio. Customers say she has the best  handcrafted jewelry around! Kathy’s unique jewelry can be also be purchased in her studio by appointment, in a non-pressured atmosphere.

Kathy Williams custom and hand crafted jewelry can be seen in her online store and in stores around the country. Kathy Williams Jewelry Designs are a wonderful gift for women of all ages!


Kathy Williams is a Psychic Medium who designs Custom Handcrafted Crystal and Gemstone Jewelry. It is a part of her life’s work to help everyone lead a healthier lifestyle through true inner peace and enlightenment. Kathy found herself drawn to the healing energy in Crystals and Gemstones, also known as “Deva Energy.” It is through her Psychic work that she began designing and creating Crystal and Gemstone Jewelry. Kathy believes in the Healing Qualities of Mother Earth and the ability to harness energy through Crystal healing. Kathy has found a way to combine the Healing Qualities of Crystals into wearable works of art. Kathy will be showcasing Necklaces, Bracelets, and Her Custom Line of Crystal and Angel Pendulums.



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